3-D Virtual Tours – Showcase Your Listing!

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One problem with real estate listings is it’s almost impossible to get a feel for the layout of the home without seeing it in person. This creates a challenge for out-of-town and relocating home buyers – who wants to drive 4 hours just to see a house that looks good in the photos, but once you walk through it, you realize that the layout is choppy, the rooms are smaller than they appear in the photos (the wide angle lens can be so deceiving), or it just simply is a weird configuration. Problem solved! 3-D Virtual Tours!

A 3-D virtual tour is an amazing new way to view real estate listings. From the comfort of your couch, you can now hop on your iPad and virtually walk through a home from the front door to the backyard, up the stairs or down to the basement! The technology is amazing, the graphics are so realistic and it’s as user-friendly as the iPad itself!

The tour starts with a “Dollhouse” format, which is a 3-D, bird’s eye model of the home’s layout, and go right into the room you want to see first. From there, just use your finger (on an iPad) or the arrows on your keyboard to walk from room to room, upstairs, downstairs, into bathrooms, etc… You can also back out to the Dollhouse view again, and just tap or click to zoom into another room or area of the home. Truly amazing!

We have just started utilizing this awesome technology with our listings, and can’t wait for you to see how easy it is to view a home in 3-D without actually being there! Check out a couple of our listings below – take your time and enjoy!

Claytor Lake – 6690 Circle Dr, Radford

Oak Tree Townhome – 585 Oaktree Blvd, Christiansburg

Let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are ready to sell your home. We’d love to create a 3-D Virtual Tour so that buyers across the world can have their first showing of your home just sitting on their couch.

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