7 Seller Tips for a smooth sale in Blacksburg

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It’s finally here – Spring has sprung and the real estate market in Blacksburg is sizzling! Homes priced correctly, in good condition and marketed properly in the $250k – $400k price range are selling within hours or days of hitting the market and with multiple offers! Here are 7 seller tips for a smooth sale in Blacksburg:

  • Don’t go on the market until everything is in tip-top shape – power wash, new mulch, fresh paint, clean, clean, clean. You will get top dollar if your property is sparkling from the outside in.
  • De-clutter, but don’t de-personalize TOO much. I’ve found that buyers enjoy seeing a few of your sentimental photos, so they can get a feel for the people that have called this their home
  • Avoid overwhelming scents – everyone likes a soft scent, but too many plug-ins make buyers think you are hiding something, or they offend some people’s senses. Vanilla is a very welcoming scent. See this article for other pleasing scents – Home Scents that Help You Sell
  • Be prepared to accommodate multiple showings in a day. If your first few days on the market falls on a weekend, plan some out-of-the-house activities to minimize the number of times you have to come and go.
  • Schedule your showings no less than an hour apart. It is awkward and high-pressure for the buyers inside the house when another group is waiting outside. Most importantly, don’t have restrictive rules about showing times – be flexible and accommodate as many showings as possible! Sometimes the group that can only come on short notice during their lunch hour are the ones that love your house the most!
  • Open all blinds, drapes, shades and make sure there is warm, welcoming lighting left on in each room. Overhead lights can be too bright and cold – table lamps are such a nice touch and always cast a warm glow
  • Be prepared to provide a 12-month utility bill history for gas and electric. It’s great if you leave a spreadsheet summarizing these expenses out on the counter along with any other relevant documents (survey, HOA bylaws, timeline of updates)

Use these 7 Seller Tips to make your time on the market most efficient. Once your showings are lined up and underway, make sure your agent can reach you quickly – buyers are likely to have questions that will help them decide whether or not to make an offer. Happy Selling!


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